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A woman holding an eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses have been around for centuries, but do we ever really stop to think about what makes them unique? For some, a pair of glasses is simply a fashion statement that they use to complete their daily outfits, while others view them as a true tool that helps them to get their daily tasks done. When it comes to reading glasses specifically, they tend to take on the latter function, as deciphering small print can be nearly impossible without these trusty tools. However, instead of taking a utilitarian mindset toward them, what if you considered the various types of frame styles available? If you currently have or will soon need reading glasses, then this article is for you!

Do I Need Reading Glasses?

While the idea of them sounds rather straightforward, sometimes it can be difficult to even know whether reading glasses would be appropriate for your needs. Before jumping into the various types of glasses out there, consider what your day to day visual needs look like. Do you spend a lot of time looking at paperwork or having to read the print on labels or packages? During your free time, are you often found with your nose in a book? When you attempt to read something up close, is it blurry or do you struggle to understand what it says? Make sure to chat with your eye care professional about your visual needs and remember, getting reading glasses can be a fun and exciting step in your eyewear journey!

All About Frames

When you break down your options by the type of frames, reading glasses suddenly seem a lot more fun! Instead of picking up a boring black option at the gas station, consider the following types of glasses - remember that each style has its own unique function and eyewear should never be considered as a one size fits all item:

  • Full frame: As one would guess, a full frame pair of reading glasses means that the entire viewing area through the lens contains a magnified prescription, and the whole lens itself is enclosed within a frame. When wearing a full frame style, reading glasses can be both functional and fashionable as there are tons of bold and bright colors to choose from.
  • Half frame: If you’ve ever seen someone with a small pair of glasses perched on the end of their nose, they’re wearing a half frame option. These are designed to be worn in such a way that allows the user to look through the magnified lens when they read something up close but also gives them clear and unobstructed vision when looking straight ahead.
  • Bifocal: Those who need to address multiple focal points with one pair of frames often opt for bifocals. One option comes in the form of a clear, non-prescription lens on top with magnification down below, while others can actually have their distance correction placed in the upper portion if needed. Bifocals are great for people who don’t want to be taking their reading glasses on and off all day.
  • Rimless: A more fashionable and functional approach to frame styles comes in the shape of a rimless option. These lenses are held together by three pieces and tend to take on a more invisible look. Rimless reading glasses are often lighter in weight and eliminate the chance of restricting one’s peripheral vision given that there’s no frame to see around.

Fitting Your Face

When it comes to style, reading glasses can take a wide range of shapes and sizes, but there are some other important considerations to keep in mind beyond just the basic style. Whether you select a rimless option, a half frame style, or something else, one’s face shape can also make a huge difference in how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing the glasses will be. When you have some time, head over to our fit guide to learn more, but for now, remember that there are several main face shapes: heart, oval, round, square, and triangle. Each face shape has a specific frame silhouette that will compliment it beautifully, and some that might not fit quite as well. Reading glasses have to be functional, of course, but selecting a pair that truly compliments your face shape is just as important!


Quality Matters

As we’ve already learned, not all reading glasses are made the same, and when you’re shopping for a new pair, it’s crucial that your lenses stand up to the test of time. Current reading glasses wearers know that these tools can sometimes end up lost in the back of a drawer or the bottom of a purse and that taking them off and putting them on regularly throughout the day can place wear and tear on the frames. When shopping for reading glasses, look for frames that are made from durable materials and consider lenses that are crafted from a lightweight material like polycarbonate. You’ll find your glasses hold up even longer when they feature an anti-reflective coating as well - a layer that’s applied to your lenses that reduces glare from artificial light. Individuals who spend a lot of time on digital devices or under bright office lighting will benefit in a huge way from this special coating.

Going Shopping

The world of reading glasses might seem intimidating to those who are shopping for their first pair but don’t let your vast array of options overwhelm you. First, consider which of the several frame styles out there will work best for your needs - everyone uses their reading glasses differently so don’t feel like there’s only one “right” way. Next, think about the shape of the frame you’re after and visit our fit guide if you’re not sure which direction to go in. Finally, check out the huge selection of reading glasses by Gamma Ray Optix. From minimal and sleek styles to bold and funky choices that make a statement, we have a little something for everyone. When you pair high-quality frames with durable lenses and a great sense of style, you’ve found a winning eyewear combination!