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Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Eye Strain
and Computer Vision Syndrome?

Like most people, you are probably spending ten hours staring at your computer screen or mobile phone each day. That might be surprising, but it’s common nowadays. Perhaps, you’re thinking, “No waaaaay, I’m spending that much time staring at digital screens!” You probably don’t realize it, but you do. If you do not have something to protect your eyes, like a pair of blue light glasses, you would soon be complaining about digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Can Prolonged Screen Time Cause Eye Strain?

The truth is prolonged screen time can cause severe eye damage. Eye strain is a common development when you’re constantly staring at digital screens. Your computer screen, your mobile phone, your tablet – all these things emit blue light. While we naturally need blue light to regulate our sleep and wake patterns, too much exposure to blue light can cause sleep disruptions. This can also create symptoms of eye strain and computer vision syndrome. Ultimately, it can permanently damage your vision. Yikes!

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain is a term for vision-related health issues caused by prolonged and consistent exposure to computer screens, tablets, and mobile phones. When you look at digital screens for extended period, you will experience headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, painful eyes, shoulder pain, and other long-term health problems.Your eyes work differently when you stare, look, or read items on digital screens. You could develop an eye strain if you work at an uncomfortable angle or position. The glares from your phone or computer can also strain your eyes as well.

On computer screens or mobile phones, images and text are made of pixels. Pixels are tiny light points. Thousands of pixels are needed to create a single word or image. Unfortunately, the eyes struggle to focus on an image on digital screens. Instead, the eyes tend to settle on the resting point of accommodation (RPA).This causes strain as the eyes continually struggles to refocus on the images. It continues to flex and shift. This movement eventually results to eye muscle fatigue and spasms. The eyes are then unable to relax. The constant and increased eye tension eventually results to changes in cornea and eye shape. 

Benefits of Using Blue Light Glasses

There are things that you can do to maintain your perfect vision. One of these is to use special glasses, like blue light glasses, to reduce glare and eye strain. This will help alleviate the eye strain and reduce the risk of CVS. Blue light blocking glasses offer several benefits. You can wear them at home or at work. You can wear them anytime of the day. They’re also great in minimizing or eliminating the adverse effects of blue light. These blue light filter glasses are designed to reduceeye strain with computer or mobile phone use. Even people who are not suffering from CVS can also benefit from using these glasses. The blue light blockers will help eliminate eye fatigue.

Anti blue light glasses can also help slow down or avert age-related macular degeneration. Studies show that when blue light hits the eye all the way to your retina, this can cause eye muscle weakening. It can help minimize or stop altogether health issues later in life. These blue light protection glasses will also help you sleep better. Exposure to blue light before sleeping or even at night can seriously affect your circadian rhythm. This can slow or even completely stop the production of melatonin in the brain. It’s this chemical that tells your brain to go to bed. By using these glasses, you will be able to reduce the exposure and thus sleep better. 

Should You Be Using Blue Light Glasses?

You would benefit from using blue light glasses if you spend long hours in front of the computer or your phone.Headache, along with dry eye, redness, eye strain, eye fatigue, is common amongst people who are constantly exposed to blue light for hours. By using blue light glasses, you would be able to keep your eyes relaxed while you work or use your mobile phone.

You need these glasses too if you have trouble sleeping, or if you work at night, or if you’re worried about your eyes’ health. It is recommended that you turn off all digital devices a few hours before bedtime to avoid disruption of your circadian rhythm. You don’t want these rhythms out of whack. Absence of lack of sleep cause serious health issues including depression, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Using blue light glasses will allow you to work at night or indulge your favorite nighttime activity like watching Netflix or reading the latest news without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Look Fashionable While Wearing Your Glasses!

No, seriously, you can get these glasses and use them just for style. Not only can these glasses protect your from blue light, but they can also make you look good while protecting you from UV rays. Not only will it protect you indoors, you can also use it to protect your eyes against the harsh ultraviolet rays. Wearing blue light glasses decreases the amount of blue light that your eyes are exposed to daily. By wearing these lenses, you help protect yourself against the adverse effects of too much exposure to this harmful light.

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