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Digital devices expose our eyes to blue light, a wavelength that can lead to a host of uncomfortable eye issues. By wearing computer glasses with our superior lens technology, your eyes will feel refreshed even after a long day. Opt for a sleek style along with a trendy selection for the ultimate in variety.

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The Kennedy
Inspired by the 35th President of the United States, the Kennedy brings a classic touch to your daily look. It’s no secret that President John F. Kennedy favored tortoiseshell sunglasses that complemented his image as a dashing, sophisticated man of the world. Over time, they became a hallmark of his almost ineffable charisma. His sunglasses were the one accessory that successfully bridged the two worlds of the JFK-style universe.

The Franklin
Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s iconic eyewear, the Franklin imparts an air of sophistication to any face. Not only did this historic figure rely on glasses to help him see more clearly, but he is actually credited with creating the first pair of bifocal lenses in 1784. In a letter to his friend George Whatley, Franklin wrote that his invention made his eyes just as useful to him as they ever had been before.

The Marco
Inspired by a sense of tradition and a reverence for eyewear’s supposed roots, the Marco has been a timeless style in the ever-changing world of glasses. Rumor has it that in the 13th century, explorer Marco Polo encountered rectangular shaped glasses in China, although the silhouette resembled thin slits rather than what’s on the market today. Wearing the Marco is a nod to the long lineage that eyewear has created across the world.


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