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Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses


Computer glasses with amber tinted lenses to reduce digital eyestrain
Ultra-lightweight polycarbonate material for durability and all-day comfort
Comes with a carrying pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth



Protect your eyes with Gamma Ray Optix blue light computer glasses. Reduce digital eyestrain so you can enjoy your favorite viewing activities for longer while still taking care of your vision. Whether it’s working on your office computer, browsing on your tablet, playing video games, or watching your favorite TV shows at home, our computer readers are comfortable for hours of use. Choose from a variety of styles, including our line of classic frames that provide you with the latest in lens technology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Two pair #2 computer glasses EXCELLENT!!

Last Christmas I received a pair from you for Christmas, so this year I bought two pair from you in #2, one for a gift and one for me. Very satisfied!!

Cute and comfy

I can't really speak to whether or not they work as I'm wearing them more as a preventative for eyes. But, they are cute and feel very comfortable on my face.