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Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses


- Frame Dimensions (mm): 53-16-140

- Material: Ultra-Light TR90

- Frame Color: Black

- Lens Color: Amber Tint

- Shape: Rectangle

- Pack Size: 1 Pack

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Do your eyes ache after using a computer for long periods of time? How are you sleeping at night? Are you constantly getting headaches? All of these issues, and more, are commonly caused by blue light exposure and can be dramatically reduced by wearing computer reading glasses. Most digital devices emit blue light and over time it can lead to a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Blue light disrupts our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle as well, often contributing to a poor night of rest. If you need help seeing your computer screen and want to keep your eyes as healthy as possible, computer glasses with magnification are for you. Available in a range of powers, each pair of Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses are crafted to be durable, comfortable, and fashionable. Keep your eyes safe from screens today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Not the same style i ordered...

Two stars for quick shipping but it came in a different style and box says trust...

Does it’s job

As the title says, these glasses do it’s job. They block blue light and my eyes feel good!

Not received.

Send the actual product then I can give an honest review on it.

Excellent Glasses Really Helped

I had to purchase an additional pair was my fault i choose the wrong power level. I usually wear 1.25 but with these i only needed .75 . Definitely helped with eye strain. Great product

Really like these glasses

I've been noticing myself able to fall asleep easier at night after wearing these while looking at screens. Not only that, I'm very happy with the comfort and build quality, and special thanks to Gammarayoptix for the frame-selector guide on their website. I think I chose a frame that matches my face very well, I'm quite satisfied.