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Bifocal Sunglasses


- Frame Dimensions (mm): 51-51-51

- Material: Lightweight Plastic

- Frame Color: Multicolor

- Lens Color: Amber Tint

- Shape: Rectangle

- Pack Size: 3 Pack

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Whether you’re on vacation and want to read by the pool or you find that tying flies while fishing is becoming more difficult with your sunglasses on, you’ll love wearing bifocal sunglasses. Designed for your visual comfort, each set of lenses features two portions for the ultimate in clarity. The top section of the lens is non-prescription and allows you to see far away with ease while the lower area is magnified and helps make it simple to read small print. Ideal for men & women, each pair of Gamma Ray polarized sunglasses offers UV protection to keep your eyes, and the skin around them, healthy. Utilizing the highest quality materials coupled with the latest trends in eyewear fashion, reading sunglasses will become your must-have item any time you’re outdoors. Store a pair in your car, one in your purse, and another on your back porch.