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A man wearing polarized sunglasses looked up the sky.

Polarized sunglasses have recently become quite popular among people who spend a lot of time outdoors and for good reason. These glasses are eyewear designed specifically to reduce surface glare which tends to change the color of objects. When you are using non-polarized glasses, this strengthens the distortion. Polarized glasses help retain the true color of objects. They block light glare reflecting off outdoor surfaces. This makes them ideal for water sports like fishing, boating, or just spending the day at the beach. If sun glares constantly bothers you, you can benefit from using these sunglasses. They are best for driving because they protect your eyes from reflections from pavements, cars, and hoods.

No More Glinting or Intense Glares 

Sunlight scatters everywhere. It can be absorbed in various directions, and it can be reflected in a similar manner. It bounces off horizontally on land and water surfaces, and when this happens, the glare reflected becomes polarized. Polarized light travels in a uniform direction. This then creates an annoying light distortion, glares, and reduced visibility which can be very dangerous. Polarized eyewear is designed with a special filter that helps block intense glares.

Polarized lenses are designed with laminated filter that prevents horizontal light from passing through. This minimizes the glare bouncing off from surfaces. These glasses are available in various colors, depending on the materials used. Dark color glasses offer higher polarization levels. The most common lenses are brown and gray, but you can also find colors of green, yellow, or melanin. These are some of the most popular colors. Polarized glasses for women also come in various colors. So, ladies, you have choices that will match your outfit of the day.

Polarized Eyeglasses put at the side of the swimming pool.

Are your glasses Polarized?

It is actually considerably easy to find out if you have polarized lens glasses. Put on your glasses, and try looking at surfaces. If your glass lenses are polarized, it will reduce the glare reflected on these surfaces, so objects are easy to see even in bright lights. You can also look at an LCD screen. It is sometimes difficult to see screens through tinted glasses, but when the lens is polarized, LCD screens look dark or black. Essentially, polarized eyewear lenses are either 0.75 mm or 1.1 mm lenses. The thinner lens is great for casual sports, but the thicker one offers additional strength.

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Eye doctors recommend wearing eye protection at all times. There are glasses that you can use indoors and outdoors to protect your eyes. One of these eyewears are polarized glasses, and they offer several benefits that make them better than non-polarized lenses. These are the serious considerations when you purchase these glasses.

First, there’s the obvious benefit – the reduction of glare. This also improves your overall safety when you drive or ride your bicycle. On a sunny day, you may notice that distant objects may appear blurry or hazy. Nearby vehicles could reflect blinding light. By using these sunglasses, you will be able to see more clearly. These lenses improve eye comfort, and they allow you to see the view effortlessly. Roads and water are bad sources of glare. When the glare is intense, it can be quite dangerous for a driver who may have vision issues and sensitive eyes. This can trigger migraine attacks in people who suffer from this condition. By using polarized glasses, you can avoid headaches and eye strain. Frequent squinting stresses eye muscles which result to eye redness, irritation, and eye fatigue. You can avoid all these health issues with polarized lenses. They allow your eyes to feel rested and comfortable as you travel or perform outdoor activities.

Various polarized sunglasses for men are available to water sports enthusiasts. The eyewear makes it incredibly easy to see into the water. Water tends to reflect everything around it, so when you look at it, it looks hazy and obscure. You can avoid this problem with polarized glasses. The lenses block the reflection and enable you to see the water clearly. You will be able to see the colors and objects around you. You will see them in a crisper fashion.

Of course, there are instances when using them can be inappropriate. Do not use them when you drive at night, fly an airplane, go downhill skiing, and look at LCD screens like the car dashboard control, ATM machine, mobile phones, and watches. These lenses are only ideal for day use, but they are hardly useful at night. 

A woman wearing a polarize glasses on the beach sand

Get a Pair of Polarized Sunglasses Now!

This eyewear with progressive lenses are perfect for people over 40 who are outdoor enthusiasts. If you are a fish angler, you might want to start using polarized lenses quickly. However, the best way to decide if you would benefit from using sunglasses with photochromic lenses is to consult your doctor. If you feel that this would help you, run it by your healthcare provider. If you feel you need polarized lens glasses to protect your eyes from UV rays, you may have to look for special kind of polarized lenses. While most polarized glasses are designed with UV protection, polarization of the lenses itself does not safeguard your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Basically, polarized lenses do not mean UV protection.

We Have What You Need 

The best polarized glasses are great for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They reduce unwanted glares and bright reflections, and they help improve visual clarity. They can also be combined with other features to further improve your vision. For instance, you can probably get bifocal glasses with progressive lens, anti-reflective, and anti-scratch features. Wearing sunglasses allow you to show you sense of style and personality, but to ensure your eye health, make sure to get sunglasses that will best give your eye comfort and protection. We have a selection of polarized lens sunglasses with various designs, tints, and coating. You have several options to choose from, and you can definitely find one that suits your style, need, and comfort.